by Richard Steel

Public sector infrastructure optimism

Jan 07, 20092 mins
Data CenterIT Strategy

The minutes of today’s Local CIO Council at the School of Government will be published on the Socitm website. In the meantime, the following were the main items in a packed agenda.

The DWP’s Philip Littleavon attended and we had a full and frank discussion of the CoCo issues, and a pragmatic way forward. Socitm remains committed to support the programme, but we obviously voiced our dismay about the delay in assembling the promised support package.

There was appreciation of the difficulties on either side, and agreement to continue working together to overcome them. I’m glad to say that Philip developed his presentation to make links with other infrastructure projects, such as the Public Services Network (also presented) that will see Government Connect develop to be the security framework for all intra-Government transactions.

John Stubley’s PSN presentation majored on the Ocean project, which was impressive. There is clearly a well-developed vision behind this “network of networks”, but my main comment was that this should be published and developed to link in all the current government infrastructure projects that have their roots in siloed initiatives.

There’s full information about the Public Sector Network and Ocean procurement on the CIO Council website. Open Government !

Rob Anderson from OGC Buying Solutions attended to present the proposed framework for the Microsoft Licensing Agreement. The initial feedback was unanimously positive, although we need to spend some time testing the model against all requirements.

The proposal will be presented to a Microsoft Project Board meeting on 21st of this month for endorsement. I’ll say no more, for the present, as I’m not supposed to be saying anything at all! However, I remain optimistic about this project as a model for joined-up Government procurement, with the proviso that all of Government really must join-in.

Roy Marshall, CIO for the DCLG, and a member of the Central CIO Council, attended to support these items. The Group later agreed to invite Roy to join the Local CIO Council as a permanent member in the interests of strengthening cross-representation.

Other guests, today, included Kevin Hayes, from the CESG, and William Barker from DCLG.

I got home at 5.00 and was invited by my daughter, Kim, to go running with her. Well, I’ve been meaning to start doing something about getting myself fit again so… I survived… just!