by Martin Veitch

Extra time: If (more) software companies were football teams

Jun 29, 20092 mins
IT Strategy

My recent modest blog posting entertaining the odd notion of software companies being kludged with football teams seems to have enjoyed a succes d’estime among the sage, deep-thinking judges of the Twitter community. So, in reflection of their kind words, in honour of England’s Under-21 heroic failure and just because I can, here is my follow-up. Think of it as a reserve team if you like, a ball lumped in to the box in hope of a knock on or header down — but, whatever you think, keep clicking.

Symantec would be Tottenham HotspurInvented the idea of pouring money into acquisitions to bolster the squad and still doing it to this day.

Sun would be MK DonsSold their soul for filthy lucre and may lose the guts of the old club and community spirit. Business plan might be sound but will fans stay loyal?

Apple would be LiverpoolIcons of the modern era and since the 1970s treated as a cult by devoted followers the world over. Finances might appear odd at times though and god only knows where would they be without Stevie.

Adobe would be EvertonDogged and outperforming but they only have one plan and they live in the shadow of a bigger and better bunch just down the road.

Satyam would be JuventusOvershadowed by events off the pitch recently but write them off at your peril.

Mahalo would be Hull CityRun on the basis of every man doing his damnedest and working together to compete with big boys. Managed by an odd little chap who can’t stop talking.

Wolfram Research would be Queens Park RangersYou’d forgotten they existed but they reckon they’re going to be massive.

CA would be AC MilanHuge, historic outfit that will never go away or stop buying.

Bull would be Paris St Germain Big in France but nobody else cares.

Novell would be Leeds UnitedThey used to be huge when I were a lad.