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Looking for a SWIFT CIO role?

Jun 18, 20141 min
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SWIFT CIO Mike Fish is retiring in early 2015 after 15 years at the financial services secure messaging services provider. Fish also heads operations at SWIFT.

Gottfried Leibbrandt, CEO of SWIFT, described Fish as an “outstanding” CIO, and thanked Fish for his services.

“Our infrastructure is in better shape than ever, as evidenced by our strong operational record.

“He has steered this important function through an extended period of intense change, meeting a number of key new technological challenges while always maintaining consistent operational excellence.”

Fish joined SWIFT in 1999 from US telecoms company Ameritech, where he held a number of senior management roles in IT. He was appointed CIO at SWIFT in July 2006. SWIFT customers include the majority of the global banks, brokers and traders and the investment management community.

Fish was responsible for overseeing transformation of the SWIFTNet messaging platform and the construction and go-live of the organisation’s new operating centre in Switzerland.

Fish was a CIO that was actively invilved in customer facing technology services too and led the development of SWIFT’s cloud-based Lite2 connectivity option, the sanctions screening service and the TARGET2-Securities European securities settlement engine project.