by Mark Chillingworth

What are your thoughts on email?

Jun 10, 2010
IT Leadership

Email, it’s the back bone of almost any organisation today and the one piece of IT that everyone from the CEO to front desk will notice any problems with. As a result CIOs need to ensure their organisation has a stable, reliable, scalable and efficient email system. In recent years there has been a lot of buzz and hype that it will be sidelined by new collaboration tools and web 2.0 technologies; and yet it remains critical. As CIOs look to improve the efficiency of their organisation under budgets that recent research suggests will not increase despite the upturn in the economy, email is ripe for modernisation consideration. CIOs have virtualised their servers, outsourced and rationalised the desktop computer estate in efforts to reduce costs. So is now the time to consider changing your email strategy? Some say a modernisation of the email infrastructure will reduce costs and improve performance, others argue for greater outsourcing? We want CIOs to share their thoughts on this with us. Next Thursday, 17 June, 2010 CIO UK is hosting a conference call with a leading CIO from the travel industry and another in the public sector, as well as an analyst from MW Advisors. If you can spare half an hour or an hour at 10 am next Thursday and you’re a CIO, CTO or IT Director, we would love to include you in the conversation. The thoughts from this discussion will form an article in the Debate channel of CIO UK. To get involved email Mark Chillingworth at