by Mark Chillingworth

Digesting the digital

Nov 26, 20122 mins

Considering how “cool” devices like the iPhone and iPad are, it seems incredible that the technology world is struggling to recruit enough talent.  If we can encourage kids, in fact anyone, to read Digitized by Peter J Bentley then perhaps we can overcome this problem. 
“Whatever your ambitions, you need to understand computers (or at least how to use them effectively) in order to succeed in the modern world,” the author states and he’s dead right. But Bentley doesn’t use his Oxford University Press published tome to lecture, in fact he writes with such passion, with a clarity of purpose and concise understanding of technologies role in our lives that you cannot help but be enthused.
Bentley doesn’t just entertainingly place the computer in our daily lives, he relishes in describing the key character’s that have brought it to life from our own Alan Turing to John  von Neumann. There are some mind bending mathematics too that had my head spinning, but those who are inspired by logic and computation will hopefully read this and follow in the footsteps of CIO UK’s Mike Lynch.
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The publishing world has excelled of late at producing books that highlight the interesting histories of the objects and products that give shape to our modern world and Digitized does this for computing. Get it for your kids, your local schools, computer clubs and the team.