by CIO Staff

Coventry City Council IT chief retires after three decades in local government

Jul 28, 20141 min

Kevin Malone has retired from his role as Assistant Director of ICT at Coventry City Council after more than three decades working in local government technology.

Recognised in the last two editions of the CIO 100, Malone’s took up his post in Coventry in January 2011 where he in-sourced the council’s ICT service after 11 years of outsourced provision.

Before moving to his role at Coventry City Council, Malone held various posts at Shropshire County Council for 32 years, working his way up from roles as a Computer Operator and ICT Technician to Head of ICT Services, a role he started in 2006.

Malone also served as Desktops & Networks Manager, and Computer Operations Manager in Shropshire, and spoke to CIO UK in 2012 about austerity and the opportunity to use severe spending cuts to transform the way Coventry City Council’s services are delivered.