by Richard Steel

Evolution of the Internet

Mar 16, 20092 mins
IT Leadership

Here is an interesting article on an EU funded research project into the evolution of the Internet.

“The first problem will be scale…” So – all the more reason to ensure universal coverage, now, by proper (fibre) broadband network, then.

Whilst some Telecoms companies are achieving some impressive results in squeezing more and more capacity out of copper, once fibre’s universally available the wonders of photonics will enable us to ramp-up the capacity by many orders of magnitude for years to come.

The report provides, in my view, a compelling vision of how the Internet will develop – and, I expect, more quickly than most of us might think – and builds-on a theme in ICT development that’s becoming ever more embedded – one that anticipates technology evolution that mimics nature.

I met with David Clayden, Chair of the CCitDG, and a Socitm Director, at his office in the Elephant & Castle HQ of the Salvation Army. We discussed LOLA, its meeting in Glasgow on 28th/ 29th June, and third sector support for an international campaign on social justice facilitated by ICT.

Unsurprisingly, a number of our Third Sector colleagues have their own first-hand experience of tackling social inequity and running charitable projects in third-world regions.

We hope, finally to launch a programme through the LOLA meeting, and also to use it to help develop an international stream for Socitm’s conference in Edinburgh (11th to 13th October) which, this year, is designated among LOLA members as its members’ international conference for the year.

We also discussed the need to develop our understanding of the different challenges faced by the different (government and third) sectors that we represent, and agreed it would be worth investing some time in sharing our agendas with a view to agreeing common policy and an initial action plan.

It seemed that this might best be achieved in a small workshop linked to a Socitm National Advisory Council meeting.