by Richard Steel

Gordon’s Square Deal

Jan 04, 20092 mins
IT Strategy

It’s heartening to know, as we embark upon a new year that seems especially uncertain for many of us, that our Prime Minister has a plan.

“Brown suggested that infrastructure such as high-speed broadband could be the modern equivalent of Roosevelt’s programme: ‘When we talk about the roads and the bridges and the railways that were built in previous times – and those were anti-recession measures taken to help people through difficult times – you could [by comparison] talk about the digital infrastructure and that form of communications revolution at a period when we want to stimulate the economy. It’s a very important thing.’”

I can’t argue with that, and although the article was based on a (Guardian) press interview, and is not a formal policy announcement, am slightly encouraged!

I was in touch with Professor David Hircock over the holiday. (He and his family spent Christmas in the UK.) No – we haven’t forgotten about the International Social Justice Campaign, and hope to have further news soon. In the meantime, I’ve written to LOLA colleagues asking them to set-up a discussion forum, which I will signpost when it’s ready.

We heard, over the holiday, that BCS members voted strongly in favour (91.2%) of the proposal to enable BCS to establish a registration body that can license other bodies to award the Society’s CITP status. So we are, hopefully, a step closer to enabling Socitm to award Chartered IT Professional status.

Today, it was back to work from home – mostly on a draft of the “Position Statement” that the December Board agreed to produce. I hope we’ll be in a position to agree and publish this before the end of the month.