by Richard Steel

Sorting out Socitm’s feedback mechanisms

Aug 28, 20082 mins
IT Strategy

There were two further meeting cancellations for today; I rearranged a third so I could remain at home and plough-on with other work.

I prepared the draft agenda for our next board meeting (9th September) and worked on Socitm organisational mapping and how this will be presented to our membership, for agreement by the Board at that meeting.

I also had another look at, and made a few revisions to, my speech for the President’s Dinner on the same day. Thanks, Vicky and Rose, for advice.

In between keeping up with correspondence, I continued with judging of Awards entries, but am still not half-way!

I’m pleased to say that Adrian has posted-up proposed Socitm comments, complaints & plaudits procedures (to the GovX Board area) for the approval of Directors. These should also be agreed at our upcoming Board meeting – at the latest – and appropriate e-forms will be loaded onto our web-site. Although we first registered the need for these last year, they were not prioritised given all the organisational change that was in progress.

I thought this interesting. I know we depend on advertisements to keep costs down, but don’t we all go out of our way to avoid them anyway?

I am so intent on trying to get rid of those that pop-up in the middle of what I’m trying to read that I couldn’t tell you what they’re for anyway. I’m also not aware of being targeted in advertising. Maybe subconsciously, ‘though? Anyway, I think it’s a good thing if we can choose to not be bothered by advertising, but I imagine will result in a return to more paid-for subscription services.

Having submitted a couple of queries to “ZoomClouds”, I have just realised that my Tag Cloud (at ComputerWorldUK) is not being updated at all, which explains the issues I queried. Another support request has been logged accordingly. Funnily enough, all my “clicks”, until now, have come from the US and Spain!

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