by Mark Chillingworth

Government CIOs discuss the future at CGIT 2009

Nov 18, 2009
IT Leadership

I’m at the CGIT 2009 conference all day today and hope to bring you up to date with the issues discussed as the day goes on.

This should be a really exciting day, in a previous blog post I put forward the idea that no matter who wins the next general election, there are some wonderful opportunities for public sector CIOs over the next 12 months. Both major parties are looking to achieve major savings in public spending and are keen to reassure voters that we will not see a major degradation in service quality as a result. Technology is a powerful tool in achieving savings yet improving or maintaining service quality, so I feel that CIOs in the public sector may be able to really put themselves on the map now.

So today’s event will be an opportunity to hear how it will be achieved. Please keep coming back to this blog to get the latest.