by Chloe Dobinson

United Living CIO Greg Morley on key industry trends for CIOs and how they are keeping innovative in their digital strategy

Oct 07, 2016
IT Leadership

United Living CIO Greg Morley tells CIO UK about some of the digital technology they are currently developing, as well as key industry trends which should be at the front of all CIO minds.

In an exclusive interview recorded at the 2016 CIO Summit, Morley discusses the challenges he is facing in resourcing and staff shortages in implementing projects at United Living. He describes how a starting CIO can ‘balance’ the heavy work load while also sharing advice on how ‘more is less’ when it comes to innovation. (See also: Imperial College CIOMike Russell on the challenges of IT leaders in education)

Staying resourceful

In this interview Morley talks about the digital technology he is currently implementing such as ERP, estimating and CRM solutions, helping to push the construction company ahead of its competitors.

The CIO discusses how United Living is being resourceful and influencing change in their digital approach through how they work with partners and vendors.

Morley talks about the recent successes he has developed during his time as a CIO including mobile phone procurement, which included a ‘rigorous’ procurement exercise, saving the organisation money.