by Mark Chillingworth

Home pride

Jan 17, 2011

It is the norm at this time of year for editors and such like to wax-lyrical about new beginnings and how the New Year means a new start. Partly to be contrary, in part because like most “normal” people with an excessively busy day jobs and personal lives I fail to achieve my new starts, but also because I believe it, I’m going to say 2011 is the year we should be proud of what we are. Yep, let’s not flagellate ourselves for being in IT, the public sector, or British or whatever else we are meant to be ashamed of today. Although it has slightly dodgy environmental credentials I’m proud of our printed product. There’s many telling me to forget print and move to an iPadnirvana, despite initial research showing the business case doesn’t stack up. Change is essential, but like you, I want it to carry forwards the pride of the past. In the CIO world there are many who treat the word ‘technology’ like it’s the bad word that our January issue cover CIO admits to using a little too much when under pressure (We have asked him which vendor causes him to utter this term most often!). But CIOs and their teams should be proud of technology; it largely delivers on its promises when executed by a team that fully understands the technology and its business case. Technology will enable our organisations to be more efficient, more profitable and it will create the answers to the pressing environmental problems that places like Brazil, Sri Lanka and Australia are struggling with as I write this. Our role at CIO UK is to provide the CIO community with a platform to demonstrate its strengths, so if you want to flaunt your technology prowess and tell us just how good your public sector workforce (private industry as well) is then do let us know. Enjoy 2011, and let’s all be proud of what we are.