by Richard Steel

Web2.0 is the way for Socitm members to go

Sep 01, 20083 mins
IT Strategy

Thanks to Newham ICT’s Richard Carde, who circulated a briefing on its work on Contact Point, and included this link to a DCSF (Department of Children, Schools & Families) YouTube video on EAS (Employee Authentication Services), of which I was unaware.

The “soundtrack” is a little odd, but I applaud the initiative, and wonder why it hasn’t been more widely promoted.

Martin Greenwood reminded me that, earlier in the summer, I promised to chair a Socitm Insight event on the Impact of Web 2.0. The date was set for 10th September, but somehow didn’t make it to my calendar, and I’m supposed to be at a Microsoft Agreement Project Board meeting. I’m arranging for someone to stand-in for me (again!) to enable me to chair the Insight event, which looks like it should be a good one, with 120 already booked.

This morning I met with Frazer Dawkins and a colleague from Nortel, which will be working with BT to deliver the communications infrastructure for the London 2012 Games. I brought them up-to-date on Newham’s Telecoms Convergence programme, and we agreed to work together through our NTC Programme Manager, when appointed. (Interviews have been conducted during the past week, but I’m not involved as Socitm Consulting is bidding.) We also discussed help that Socitm can provide in publicising developments.

Geoff, Shane, Gary and I met in “my office” (now the ICT Conference Room!) to discuss the high level three-year ICT Strategy that has been drafted with Bevan Jones (Newham Corporate Policy) based upon the ten strategic ICT principles agreed earlier this year by Newham’s Executive Board. With a few minor amendments, this was approved, although there will be a lot more technical detail behind it for those involved in its delivery.

Newham ICT’s Priya Javeri is working on an MBA through the University of Plymouth. We met to discuss her latest assignment, on Marketing Management, which she has based on ICT’s Portfolio Management service. Having undertaken a detailed survey, involving all the Newham Executive and Service Heads, on which to base her analysis, this project represents a very valuable piece of work for ICT. Her work is very timely, given the organisational review that’s ongoing, and it’s clear that she has identified a number of opportunities for service improvement.

I met with Keith Rixon and John Stockwell, who manage Newham’s Telecommunications network, to discuss getting the new network build underway, and bring them up-to-date with related developments, such as the London Public Services Network and PSMP initiatives.

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