by Mark Chillingworth

Valuation Office CIO joins up customer experience

Jan 07, 2010
IT Strategy

  • Jon Wrennall, CIO at the Government’s Valuation Office Agency doesn’t talk about patio or tree house taxes when you talk shop with him, but he does enjoy challenging the role of IT within government.  In a frank presentation at the Central Government IT 2009 conference, which was chaired by CIO, he quickly got to the routes of his belief of IT’s role. At its heart is customer-centric services, which he describes in this set of slides. Wrennall says that customer-centric services are: • Services should be designed around the needs of the customer (citizen or business), not the needs of the provider • Systems should be designed to deliver a joined-up customer experience, within and across organisational boundaries, ensuring the delivery of more personalised services and effective policy outcomes e.g. joined-up, multi-agency approaches to offender management and domestic violence • Customers should have simple access to services, and a choice of modern, co-ordinated delivery channels.

A full interview with Wrennall will be published here and in our print edition in the coming months.