by Richard Steel

Working together with the Olympic Delivery Authority

Jan 31, 20082 mins
IT Strategy

I met Nigel Naylor-Smith, from Fujitsu, which is an ICT contractor to the Olympic Delivery Authority, to discuss common interests, how we may work together and, no doubt, opportunities for winning Newham business. An area of particular interest for us both was CCTV, which will of course be a crucial part of the security infrastructure for 2012.

Geoff rightly questioned our proposed investment in the development of a Corporate Records Management System. Since the proposal was originally formed, developments in collaboration software and search techniques suggest that the benefits should be achievable based on our investment already sunk in ICLipse Document Image Processing, Microsoft SharePoint and Quest e-Mail archiving.

I met with colleagues to discuss the requirements and how they can be fulfilled, and we agreed that the proposed development doesn’t seem necessary. I’ve asked for a detailed gap analysis, and we’ then talk to the suppliers to see whether they can point-out anything we’ve missed!

In the evening I was involved in a very long conference call with Socitm colleagues – discussing The President’s feedback from her meeting with office staff, and progress in the Corporate Health work stream that she leads.

The Chief Executive and Finance Director were signatories for Socitm Limited, so Rose, myself and Adrian have taken-on their responsibilities – at least until the completion of our reviews and implementation of any recommendations arising. We also agreed a cost of living salary increase for staff.