by Mark Chillingworth

The transformative CIOs at the CIO Transformation Summit

Jul 04, 20111 min
IT Leadership

Tomorrow’s CIO Transformation Summit is under 24 hours away and the CIO Editorial team looks forward to seeing you all there.  If you’d like to know more about the key speakers we’ve pulled together our main features on three of the star speakers: Ian Cohen, Maggie Miller and James Thomas. If you can’t make the summitthen hopefully these articles will give you some transformational inspiration. JLT’s Ian Cohen on managing outsourcing relationships JLT’s Ian Cohen on rebuilding the IT setup of the insurance firm The CIO Questionnaire: Ian Cohen Maggie Miller’s tale is a source of experience UCLH CIO James Thomas on supplier management UCLH CIO James Thomas on unified communications UCLH CIO James Thomas on negotiating regulatory scrutiny