by Mark Chillingworth

Let’s drive transformation

May 23, 20112 mins
IT Leadership

The CIO community stands on the precipice of opportunity. As organisations look to increase their market share they seek innovation from CIOs. It is a hard won opportunity, CIOs demonstrated their business sense and ability to cut costs without damaging the operations of the organisation through judicious technology strategies in the credit crisis. The latest CIO Survey for 2011, carried out by Harvey Nash with involvement from CIO magazine discovered that CEOs in industries such as financial services, transport and logistics, the public sector and technology services were looking for CIO led innovation to transform their organisations. For full insights to the Harvey Nash survey visit: It is against this backdrop that CIO magazine will host its second summit this July. The CIO Transformation Summit will be an opportunity for IT leaders to talk openly in a CIO led forum about how organisations can be transformed. Some star CIOs have already agreed from a range of sectors and they have some great stories to tell about transforming all aspects of the organisation, including culture, infrastructure, physical working space, procurement, supplier relationships and next generation technology strategies. The CIO Transformation Summit looks set to be a great opportunity for all in the community to share ideas. As with last year’s CIO Summit, which will be repeated this autumn,the team and I are making every effort to ensure this is an event about you, the CIO. The speakers will be from leading CIOs and the audience will only be your peers in what promises to be a day of great learning for all concerned. As I hope you’ve noticed through the pages of the magazine and website, we are CIO UK do believe in a work life balance and want to enjoy what we do. The CIO Transformation Summit follows that ethos too with the second half of the day devoted to the Mercedes-Benz Driving Experience where we hope you will take the opportunity to learn how to handle a powerful performance car from former racing drivers. Together I hope we can all transform our organisations and make the most of this opportunity.