by Richard Steel

Improving Socitm’s business skills

Jul 20, 20082 mins
IT Strategy

Stephen Jones accepted my invitation on behalf of the Socitm Board to become a Non-Executive Director.

Steve has extensive experience in areas including Sales Management, board positions with major technology companies, company start-ups, and his acceptance further builds the business skills and commercial experience of our team.

My 9 am meeting was cancelled because of sickness…

The London Fire & Emergency Planning Service hosted today’s CIO Board meeting, chaired by TfL’s Phil Pavitt, at its Union Street offices in Southwark.

Our agenda included the usual agenda items, plus “Green IT Alignment” (which will probably become a new work-stream) and Olympic Legacy Planning.

Phil advised us that it was hoped to make an announcement arising from the work of the Data Centre stream at the end of August.

On behalf of the group, TfL has procured BT to undertake a study on pan-London network development, covering just about all public sectors accept for Health, and a BT consultant – Julia Brannigan – presented an outline of the planned approach.

Today also marked the start of the stakeholder engagement process and it’s planned to present an initial report back to the board in September.

My initial thought was to ensure that design principles that include coverage, scope and accessibility, including equity of access, irrespective of neighbourhood affluence, are established.

Other interesting developments included a prospective development of the Public Sector (Mobile) Portal project to incorporate the 2-3 Gb. of storage that’s now available at bus stops, working with Google.