by Martin Veitch

The CIO Questionnaire: Adobe CIO Gerri Martin-Flickinger

Jan 28, 2010
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The IT chief of graphics software powerhouse Adobe lays out her thoughts.

Q. Which tools or tactics have given you most success in communicating? A. When I first joined Adobe I felt like I needed to connect with my team face-to-face and frequently. My organisation is global though so, logistically, it was challenging to reach everyone. I started using Adobe technology to deliver short video messages to my organisation weekly. The format caught on and the programme is now in its second year. Now, we deliver the messages monthly and videos feature IT employees providing updates to their colleagues on topics ranging from programmes to project implementations. I still make guest appearances but the medium has morphed from being top-down communication to up and across. It’s really been well received. Q. What is the basic structure of your IT department? A. Adobe’s IT department is not unlike other enterprise IT departments. We are an SAP enterprise (ERP, CRM, SFA) with 18,000 desktops (Mac and Windows) and 9500 servers in 88,000 square feet of datacentres. Additionally, we support approximately 240 million visitors a month to My staff is responsible for infrastructure, applications and portfolio management as well as a team dedicated to developing innovative, reusable solutions built solely with Adobe products.

Q. What do you do outside work? A. I have two five-year olds so they keep me busy. My husband and I are restoring our home, which is a labour of love.