by CIO Staff

Over 50% of CIO budgets below £20m

Apr 03, 20142 mins
IT Leadership

The 2014 CIO 100 reveals that the UK’s CIOs are delivering transformation in organisations on lean budgets.

The majority of respondents to the CIO 100 revealed their IT budget; 62% of the 100 responded. Two per cent of the respondents had budgets in excess of a billion pounds, while 16% had budgets over £100 million.

The 2014 CIO 100 showcases CIOs in or from the UK, placing Nissan’sStephen Kneebone at the top of the 2014 list. With this year’s list featuring a brace of CIOs with international remits, it is perhaps no surprise that these CIOs have such significant budgets. Andrew Jordan (NBC Universal), Ian Cohen (JLT), Phil Jordan (Telefonica) and Kneebone have international roles and responsibilities.

Fifty three per cent (53.2%) of respondents have a budget of between £1m and £20m, forming a majority among the respondents to the CIO 100. A further 16% have budgets between £21m and £30m, including Christina Scott at the FT, who is third in the 2014 CIO 100.

Six per cent of respondents operate a budget of between £41m and £60m and eight per cent manage a budget of £61m to £100m.

“Previously the CIO 100 has been compiled according to the size of budget or technology estate CIOs operate, but since 2012 we have based it on the transformation achievements of CIOs,” said CIO Editor in Chief Mark Chillingworth.

“If you look at the top 10 of this year’s CIO 100 yes there are two large budget CIOs at the top, but Christina Scott and Richard Warner are close behind with significantly smaller budgets. Right through the CIO 100 you will see CIOs from small and nimble IT teams in the public sector, social housing and charity; education and healthcare achieving greater levels of transformation than major organisations in financial services, manufacturing and engineering. It is the transformation outcome that matters,” Chillingworth said.