by Mark Chillingworth

BPM can improve the customer’s experience

Jun 24, 2010
IT Leadership

Earlier this year we ran a Debate on the CIO site on the subject of business process management (BPM). It is a subject close to the hearts of our editorial partners MWD Advisors, and from the responses and traffic we received to the articles, it’s on the agenda list for CIOs too. With that in mind we are collaborating with MWD again next week in a Webinar on how BPM can be used as the vehicle to improve customer relationships.

A brace of recent CIO interviews I have conducted have revealed how as the economy improves CIOs are being tasked with helping the organisation improve its sales and relationship with the customer to increase revenues. BPM is often considered to be an inward looking organisational process, but as Neil Ward-Dutton will highlight in this webinar, it can be used to improve the outward view of your organisation.

The MWD Advisors webinarwill feature two case studies of organisations that have improved their business processes with BPM initiatives led by the CIO, these include one from financial services provider Irish Life, who recently featured here on CIO UK.

To see the case studies and the webinar visit:

And on the subject of events, full details of the CIO Summit on September 29th are on the site now in our Events page.