by Mark Chillingworth

CIOs respond to Steve Jobs’ death

Oct 05, 20112 mins

CIOs were amongst those shocked and saddened to hear that Steve Jobs, the Apple co-founder has died.

Jobs, who resigned from the company in the mid-1980s and returned a decade later to make Apple one of the most successful technology companies in the world was often cited by CIO’s as an inspiration for his ability to lead an organisation that simplified the interface of technology for its users.

Responding to the news of Job’s passing Katherine Coombs, IT Director for BuyingTeam said: “I am saddened and a little shocked to wake up to the news that Steve Jobs has passed away,” on her Twitter feed.

Former British Airways CIO and now IT leader for the John Lewis PartnershipPaul Coby, a prolific user of Twitter and blogger said: “I can’t remember ever feeling so impacted by a stranger’s death. A great man.”

Over in the US Starbucks CIO Stephen Gillett was saddened and had posted on his personal blog recently about Apple and Jobs: “Your leadership has inspired those of us who lead technologists and drive business innovation.”

Another prolific Twitter user is Jardine Lloyd Thompson CIO Ian Cohen said he was “Saddened to wake up the news of Jobs’ death.

Although Apple has not been considered a mainstream enterprise IT player for some time, the iPhone and iPad, arguably the most significant of Jobs’ recent creations have had a major impact on CIOs as organisations embrace Smartphones and tablet devices. Throughout the last 12 months CIO UK has had many wide ranging conversations with CIOs about the consumerisation of IT in the enterprise, a conversation that cannot be had without discussing Jobs’ products.

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