by Richard Steel

Progress in sorting out Socitm

Feb 18, 2008 2 mins
IT Strategy

I took part in a very well attended Socitm National Council Workshop in Euston. Members were very supportive of the review work that’s being undertaken. Among the offers of help were up to 400 days worth of free consultancy from affiliate members, which is extremely pleasing.

The main objectives for our forthcoming National Council (board) meeting and AGM were agreed as the new structure and governance of the society, including any changes in the memorandum and articles of association, the new membership model, providing a detailed financial review and the policy and procedures to be followed to ensure appropriate leadership, management and scrutiny of our operations.

The detailed work on options, such as partnership with other bodies, contract review, in-sourcing and out-sourcing (which are to a large extent interdependent) will continue into the summer, but I would hope to have agreed the way forward and any further restructuring in good time for our Annual Conference.

There was lively discussion of Socitm’s vision and core values, which is continuing at the GovX Socitm NC review discussion space (open to National Council members, only.) A colleague informed me that he had attended a meeting at which some members complained of reading about Socitm developments first in my Blog.

Well, it’s good to know that it’s being read, but the public version is published at least a week after the events reported, and I try not to say anything that has not already been reported in the GovX Service Review discussion space (for all Socitm members). However, do keep reading! I hope to “syndicate” my diary as President to the Socitm web-site.