by Richard Steel

Socitm and supporting developers

Jul 25, 20082 mins
IT Strategy

The Socitm Events Committee met today at Bucks County Council’s offices in Aylesbury. I joined the team for an agenda that was all about putting the final touches to this year’s conference. Conference bookings and the exhibition are shaping-up very well, and it was quite exciting reviewing the numbers, with some changes actually happening in “real time”, and deciding on details such as entertainment, the partners’ programme and accommodation.

We have added a couple of workshops – one of which will support our launch of a service supporting professional development based on the Aspire model – and filled the final plenary spot with a session that I’m certain will prove a big draw. Look-out for an updated flyer with finalised details in the near future.

As ever, I was impressed at the professionalism and dedication of Socitm members and staff.

I’m not a great fan of surveys, but get dozens sent to me each week, it seems. I always try to help with student research, and complete the Socitm surveys, of course (!) but, frankly, most others are deleted without much thought. So, it’s with some trepidation that I am asking Socitm members to complete yet another survey. I’m really keen to understand whether, and how, Society members may wish, and be able, to engage in Socitm’s business. This survey really is very short. I’m really looking just for “expressions of interest” at this stage, and will follow-up with members who indicate they are able to help us. My aim, in the medium term, is to establish a database of Members’ interests identifying those who are willing and able to undertake representative roles.

The weather’s still looking good. Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS Ian – I will send you the recipe at the beginning of next week.