by Chloe Dobinson

Belron’s Head of Digital and Innovative Technology Nick Burton focusing on Big Data and cloud to improve online customer experience

Oct 14, 2016
IT StrategyMobile Apps

Belron’s Head of Digital and Innovative Technology Nick Burton tells CIO UK about some of the recent successes he has implemented at the organisation, as well as some of the big challenges in delivering digital technology to a large scale.

In an exclusive interview recorded at the 2016 CIO Summit, Burton discusses a CIO’s difficulty in delivering digital products at Belron. He also describes how its getting Belron to really think about what the technology can bring and how it’s going to “benefit or differentiate”  them as a business. (See also: United Living CIO Greg Morley on key industry trends for CIOs)

Improving the customer experience

In this interview Burton talks about how the organisation are planning to working with start-ups who are working on Big Data. The Head of Digital and Innovative Technology sees the business strategy as “always keeping interested” in digital trends which can improve the customer experience –in particular online which is an “important channel” for Belron.

“Technology is moving so fast now that we have got a really important role to educate the business around what’s possible, open their eyes and then navigate to how we are going to apply technology to really make a difference,” Burton said.

Burton gives advice for starting CIOs and how to keep on top of the heavy work schedule by being “connected personally” to the outside world, as well as taking time to “explore new services, apps and the consumer space” to find what is really driving the enterprise.

The digital leader finally shares how CIOs shouldn’t be “afraid to stick their neck out” when it comes to innovation in experimenting  and making a difference with digital technology.