by Richard Steel

An important customer service channel

Jun 19, 20091 min
IT Leadership

On Tuesday 7th July there’s to be a London Public Mobile Portal event at Prospero House (241 Borough High Street), which will include presentation of the TfL/ Newham Public Sector Mobile Portal (PSMP), with Phil Pavitt as a keynote speaker.

You can view the agenda and register through Capital Ambition.

Earlier this week Richard Carde and I met with James Lee for a PSMP progress review.

Three more London boroughs are now “under construction”, and six are expected to be live within the next three months. Many more boroughs have expressed interest and more than half London’s boroughs have already booked for the above event.

Much needed clarification of the PSMP development phasing has now been provided. (Basically, the phases are Information, Interaction & Transaction.) We realise that we previously created some confusion over what’s available now versus what’s in the pipeline, and now aim to be more precise in our communications.

A number of exciting developments are in-hand, including the ability to pre-reserve parking places, track the availability of park and charge, and blue badge spaces, and a journey planner for roads.

We expect PSMP to play quite an important part in Newham’s new Customer Services strategy.