Streamlining Data Analytics Projects with a Validated Design for Domino

BrandPost By Rishi Manocha
Jan 20, 2020
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A new Dell Technologies engineering-validated Design for Domino Data Science Platform helps organizations streamline data science projects and simplify the path to artificial intelligence applications.

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Credit: Dell Technologies

Organizations of all sizes are working to put data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions to work to capitalize on data from connected devices, corporate systems, social media and more. To get there, they need to navigate the complexities of data science projects.

While the challenge is clear, the path forward can be both complex and difficult. A data science project lifecycle includes data acquisition, preparation and validation, model development, model validation, productization and monitoring. Model development and productization are iterative processes, and models in production need to be continuously monitored to ensure they are performing as expected. To complicate things further, many organizations lack the skillsets necessary to assemble the right mix of people, team structure, data sources and computing resources to develop, deploy and manage machine learning models efficiently.

This is where the Domino Data Science Platform comes into play. This cloud-based platform from Domino Data Lab provides a workbench that accelerates collaborative research and development on data science projects. Domino also automates DevOps for data science so data scientists and IT leaders can spend more time doing research and can test their ideas in less time. Along the way, automatic tracking of work enables reproducibility, reusability and collaboration.

In many ways, Domino is really a platform for gaining a competitive advantage over organizations that lack the processes and systems needed to streamline data science projects. As a Domino white paper notes, the ability to manage, scale and accelerate an entire data science discipline increasingly separates successful organizations from those falling victim to hype and disillusionment.

To help organizations achieve these benefits, Dell Technologies has launched an all-new offering: the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI – Design for Domino Data Science Platform. Developed in collaboration with Domino Data Lab, this Dell Technologies engineering-validated design enables data scientists to develop and deliver models faster while providing IT with a centralized, extensible platform spanning the entire data science lifecycle — accelerating ideation, deployment and on-going management.

For added flexibility, the Design for Domino Data Science Platform uses a flexible building‑block approach to system design, where individual building blocks can be combined to build a system that’s optimized specifically for the Domino workload and associated use cases. By providing architecture guidance that accelerates deployment, saves time and conserves resources, Dell Technologies and Domino Data Lab can help organizations roll out an optimized data science environment in weeks rather than months.

This solution bridges the world of data scientists and IT leaders. Data scientists can use their favorite tools and languages without worrying about DevOps, with scalable infrastructure that automatically tracks work. IT leaders, in turn, can leverage a centralized data science infrastructure to run workloads in one place with self-service access in the cloud or on premises.

The bottom line? With the Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI – Design for Domino Data Science Platform, enterprises can deliver centralized, reproducible and measurable data science projects in less time.

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