by George Nott

Website woes for ASX following last month’s outage

Oct 07, 2016
Financial Services Industry

The website for the Australian Securities Exchange was unavailable for nearly three hours last night, meaning the publication of company announcements had to be delayed.

The issue, the ASX said occurred “following a routine configuration change made after market close, which caused ASX to bring the site down temporarily”.

The crash occurred shortly after 6pm, before being rectified at around 8.45pm.

“All delayed company announcements were processed last night or before market open today,” a spokesperson from the exchange said.

The incident comes just weeks after a hardware failure led to the temporary shut-down of the ASX’s equities trading system followed by an early market close. The outage was triggered by a hardware failure that affected the primary ASX Trade database.

The company said last night’s crash was “not related” to the outage on September 19.

The ASX’s managing director and CEO, Dominic Stevens has spent the last few weeks apologising to customers and investors and said what happened last month did not meet the high standards of operations and system reliability that the ASX sets itself “and that customers should rightly expect of us.”

The company added that last night’s issue “is now rectified and the website is operating normally”.

The ASX website was unavailable for nearly three hours last night, delaying company announcements