Accelerating Cloud Benefits with TCS Cloud Counsel

BrandPost By Guruprasad Kambaloor
Jan 30, 2020
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

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Organizations looking to reimagine business models and optimize operations realize significant benefits in migrating to cloud. Cloud is inherently more agile, flexible, scalable, and provides a plethora of building blocks for accelerating digital transformation.

However, heterogeneous IT landscapes, security and compliance considerations, complex organizational structures, and business priorities make migrating to cloud a significant challenge. Enterprises expect a comprehensive analysis of their IT landscape to reduce risk when de-siloing infrastructure investments and to build greater predictability into their future cloud investments.

Organizational data, applications, analytics suites, security services, and infrastructure form the technical silos that can be transformed by cloud. These elements are contextual to the departments utilizing these workloads and have to be analyzed for readiness before moving to cloud. Organizations need granular insights on their requirements and need to meticulously plan before moving to cloud, as sub-optimal strategies result in missed opportunities and potentially wasted investments.

Assessing cloud migration

TCS’s Cloud Counsel (WAR certified by AWS) is a complete homogenous toolkit for cloud migration assessment with a tri-pronged focus on enterprise processes, infrastructure, and application ecosystems. The Cloud Counsel assessment process builds a business-centric view of cloud footprint within the organization along while considering ITSM process readiness, compliance, and security considerations.

Infrastructure analysis helps organizations choose deployment models and plan for business continuity on cloud. Through application analysis prowess, Cloud Counsel identifies move-group mappings and accurately predicts the ease of migration. TCS Cloud Counsel is AWS Landing Zone 2.0 compliant thus simplifying enterprise organizational deployments, consistency of controls, and scaling of enterprise workloads on AWS.

  • Reliable and quicker analysis through automated discovery: 93% accurate application-to-application dependencies and app-to-infrastructure resource mappings
  • 40-60% reduction in assessment phase timelines
  • Optimized view of the enterprise IT ecosystem as discovery tools and assessments uncover critical applications
  • Comparative assessment of operating models and costs alongside different pricing models and platforms ensures optimal TCO

Cloud Counsel provides contextual benchmarks and comparisons that simplify decision making, which leads to reduced cost of cloud migration and ongoing operations. Deployed in over 60 successful multi-cloud migration projects, Cloud Counsel has enabled enterprises to migrate successfully to cloud with visibility and guidance to make well-informed choices.

Success story

In one recent project, a US-based insurer wanted to estimate foundational requirements by overcoming lack of environmental data and interdependency mappings. The organization was also looking to modernize its application set and achieve agility in deploying applications while migrating to cloud. TCS Cloud Counsel enabled a deep assessment of the distributed complex environment of 953 servers, 350 applications, and 4TB storage, revealing a baseline assessment of both ready-to-run applications and those that need to be modified, which helped in mapping application end-states to run optimally on AWS.

Automation and machine learning used in Cloud Counsel has resulted in more accurate analysis and faster roadmap generation, drastically reducing cloud migration timelines and providing better outcomes. For the example above, Cloud Counsel exposed 23 “hidden” business-critical apps and 43 servers identified for immediate shutdown. Cloud Counsel predicted TCO and cost model(s) for all applications based on the target state blueprints and accelerated movement based on move-group dependencies. Customized recommendations were generated based on the geography and business requirements that helped the customer navigate global regulatory and business risks.

The organization adopted 90% of integration requirements discovered through Cloud Counsel, which resulted in a smoother, safer, and more efficient and correct migration process.  

Enterprises that leverage Cloud Counsel will simplify complexity and reduce risk in cloud migration and implementation activities.  The Cloud Counsel single-pane dashboard enables organizations to act assuredly on granular insights into their global platform and requirements.

Cloud Counsel’s proven intelligence and accuracy to model optimal migration and adoption strategy results in assured savings. Its ability to enable thorough planning and modelling help in accelerated realization of business benefits from Cloud.

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