by Davy Adams

Using social media to enhance your ICT career

Jan 22, 20152 mins

“You definitely need a good social media profile,” says Bridget Gray, managing director of Harvey Nash. “You’ve got to make sure your digital footprint says what you would like it to say.”

Gray spoke to CIO as part of the CIO Careers video series, alongside leaders from Peoplebank and Korn Ferry.

Tony Rossano, senior client partner, managing director, global technology markets, APAC at Korn Ferry agrees but suggests that social media remains more of a marketing and information tool. He says substance, performance, and track record of delivering results remain absolutely critical.

Building a good social media profile

“Social media is becoming more important than it has been in the past but it’s one of a number of tools that IT candidates will use to stay up-to date and keep in contact with their network,” says Peter Acheson, CEO at Peoplebank.

Nevertheless in an interview – or pre-interview – situation, social media is going to be the first place that candidates are going to meet their potential new employers. And first impressions count.

“If you’re a technology leader your personal brand is incredibly important,” says Nash. “If you like public speaking do it. If you like panels, participate. Because that raises the profile of your business and a lot of data suggest that the leader’s brand is more important than the company brand for emerging talent.”

But stepping on stage may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If so Nash recommends blogging saying that CIOs should “make sure that you have an opinion, a voice out there in the market.”

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