by Davy Adams

Career strategies in 2015: Korn Ferry

Jan 22, 20152 mins

“A CIO stands out when they have a commercial business perspective, the ability to demonstrate where they’ve brought a technology impact to the business and their ability to demonstrate agility,” advises Tony Rossano, senior client partner managing director, global technology markets, APAC at Korn Ferry.

In a video interview with CIO Australia, Rossano discusses the different aspects of ensuring a robust ICT career in 2015, and specifically the areas that make a CIO stand out from the pack, when competing for a new role.

Standing out from the pack

The CIO role is becoming more closely aligned with the customer, in many industries and opportunities are there for CIOs to move beyond a pure ICT focus.

“We’re seeing the role of IT broadening out, more across organisational lines, and we’re expecting to see CIOs moving more into COO roles,” observes Rossano. “We’re also seeing IT people moving more into outcomes for the business, rather than just enabling business processes and activities.”

Many CIOs are grappling with the role of social media to boost their networks and help their careers. While acknowledging its importance, Rossano notes that substance, performance, and a track record of results remains absolutely critical.

“Some of those things are difficult to discuss on social media because of the confidentiality around them”.

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