by Hamish Barwick

ZIP Industries looks to 3D modelling

Oct 18, 20132 mins
Technology Industry

Product designers at Australian water systems manufacturer, ZIP Industries, have used 3D software to transform design sketches into 3D models.

ZIP Industries CIO Nick Mennell told CIO Australia that all of its product development and design is done using software provided by Dassault Systemes SolidWorks.

“As part of our assembly, we have a collection of 300 components. Making sure that they all fit and don’t clash with each other is an important part of 3D modelling,” he said.

“It’s also easier to show the volume a component will take up in 3D rather than using the traditional 2D approach.”

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  • Mennell said the company was now looking to introduce the plastics module from DS SolidWorks’ 2014 portfolio.

    “This module will help us to design plastic parts. The other module we’re interested in is the electrical module as a lot of the components have electrical wiring.”

    ZIP Industries also uses 3D modelling to demonstrate products to its customers. In addition, customers can view designs on their Android or iOS devices.

    “We’re taking our models and producing rendered images and animations to replace traditional 2D documentation,” he said.

    “This is easier than hiring photographers and graphic artists to manipulate images.”

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