by Byron Connolly

Bonuses still used to lure tech staff

Aug 28, 2013 2 mins

A Sydney-based chief security officer who received a $276,500 bonus is one of 1300 Australian IT workers showered with cash and other benefits designed to attract and retain key staff.

Recruiter Candle spoke to 5200 IT pros and found that 25 per cent were given an average cash bonus or commission of about $13,800 in the 2012-2013 financial year, a 6 per cent drop from an average of $14,700 the year earlier.

ICT salaries remain static

Data from Candle’s MySalaryPortal also indicated that men averaged about $3000 more in bonuses and commissions than women, with the average bonus at around $14,000 and $11,000 respectively.

Almost half (44 per cent of respondents) received one or more benefits as a work perk with mobile phones, car-related deals and flexible working hours the most popular, according to Candle.

Candle CEO Kym Quick said in a statement that despite the national unemployment rate at 5.7 per cent and the jobs market “favouring hirers over candidates”, perks still being used to attract and keep top candidates.

“The market is stagnant and it’s clearly impacted the worth of bonuses. We expect this to be the case for some months yet,” Quick said.

“In this climate, people are reluctant to leave secure employment so strong inducements remained key to attract people. They’re also being used to retain people who have skills that are in shortage and for high performers.”

Employers in the ACT paid the best average bonuses and commissions at $17,200. Outside of management, project managers and team leaders received the highest bonuses, Candle said.

Quick said the gender pay gap had shrunk slightly in the past year, from a $4000 gap to $3000, adding that the increasing numbers of women employed in the tech sector would drive demand for certain skills and pay parities.

The largest average gender gap was recorded in the ACT where the average male bonus was $18,000 compared to $6,000 for a female.

Top 10 benefits across Australia

  • Mobile phone allowance – 23.5%
  • Car park – 20%
  • Car and or car allowance – 12.3%
  • Flexible working hours – 10.9%
  • Health care subsidies – 7.6%
  • Extra annual leave – 6.5%
  • Additional superannuation – 5.9%
  • Paid maternity/paternity leave – 4%
  • Overtime payments – 2.5%
  • Gym/health club membership – 2.4%