by Davy Adams

How to future-proof your ICT career

Jan 22, 20152 mins

“Future proofing is about staying agile,” says Tony Rossano, senior client partner, managing director, global technology markets, APAC, at recruitment firm, Korn Ferry.

Rossano spoke to CIO as part of the CIO Careers video series, alongside leaders from Harvey Nash and Peoplebank.

He goes on to explain that fast paced technology transformations are afoot.

“The future will be coming to us increasingly quickly and so the ability to understand where that future looks like it may be, and take the right steps in meeting that future point is quite critical.”

“It’s important to think about developing your digital skillset,” says Bridget Gray, managing director at recruiter Harvey Nash.

“That means your mobile skills, web skills and cloud skills. The flavour is changing from people that knew how to develop digital solutions to people who know how to apply that from a customer-centric perspective.

“[CIOs] need to be thinking about what does the customer want and how can I deliver that to them, as opposed to IT being a service,” says Nash.

Rossano added that CIOs should think about technology as a capability, not a function.

“Think about broadening your understanding of industry and commerce and the role that technology plays,” he says.

Think about developing your skillset

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