by Rebecca Merrett

AI software in freight logistics, gamification in universities feature in state iAwards

Jun 27, 20142 mins
InnovationIT Management

Artificial intelligence software for freight logistics at Tip Top Bakeries and game simulations used at the University of Wollongong and Macquarie University were among the 2014 iAward winners for New South Wales.

CIO Australia takes a look at three of the winning projects from NSW, which were announced yesterday.

NICTA’s Tip Top freight logistics software

Tip Top Bakeries needed to optimise its delivery network to improve efficiency and save on last mile logistic costs. About 80 per cent of Tip Top’s transport costs are on last mile logistics.

NICTA developed a ‘Cost to Serve Solution’, which uses artificial intelligence software and optimisation to streamline the delivery system.

NICTA collected data on costing, pricing, distribution, customer sales and revenue over years to examine how it could cut travel distances for Tip Top’s trucks.

The organisation cut more than one million kilometres of annual road travel, which helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The software won NICTA the “Industrial for NSW” category award.

University of Wollongong’s gamified learning environment

The Interactive Dynamic Learning Environment (IDLE) is a Web-based simulation game that teaches business students how to run their own manufacturing business.

The game immerses students into a realistic virtual environment where they compete and make decisions based on sound ethical, socially responsible and sustainable practice. When building their business, students also need to think about profit, quality of service and performance.

The game won Wollongong University the “Tertiary Postgraduate Student for NSW” category award.

Macquarie University traders game

The ‘Traders of Macquarie University’ simulation game teachers students how international trade works, how trade influences the development of a country and introduces concepts such as supply, demand, trading, and tariffs.

The game won Macquarie University the “Education for NSW” category award.

For a full list of the iAwards 2014 winners, click here.

Woman of the Year

Leanne Howard, agile practices consultant at Planit, won the “NSW ICT Woman of the Year” award.