by Edward Qualtrough

London City Airport COO Alison FitzGerald interview quotes and pictures

Dec 18, 2018
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Credit: IDG

“The surge in demand, which has risen by 50% since 2012, means we have had to become a smarter airport so that we can maintain what we are best known for – our award-winning passenger proposition.”

“We are quadrupling the size of the terminal. And when the digital control tower is introduced in 2019, the greatest benefits lie in the additional technology designed to support the controller, with a wealth of real-time information at their fingertips.”

“Because London City is a medium-sized business we have the advantageous capacity to adopt technology with relative ease which improves our airport, the business passenger experience, and sets a global aviation standard.”

“Our passengers, beyond anything, tell us that the most important thing to them is punctuality and reliability.”

“We believe the Digital Control Tower will improve safety on the basis that we are augmenting our air traffic controllers’ visibility today with many more tools, and much more sophisticated camera technology, and something that gives them further sight and earlier sight of anything that’s in the air space that shouldn’t be.”

FitzGerald was described by London City Airport as the “driving force” behind the plans which it described as “the future of air traffic control” as LCY looks to create a “truly 21st-century airport for London”.

“The airport is in close proximity to one of the most thriving tech communities in Europe. The talent to come up with new ideas is on our doorstep.”