by Morgan Spillane

AXA CIO is more concerned about downward IaaS scalability

Oct 21, 2010
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Morgan Spillane is IT & Change Management Director at AXA Insurance, a former consultant he’s been with the Insurance behemoth since 2002. He recently attended a CIO roundtable discussion on Dynamic Infrastructure and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Following the roundtable, CIO sent the attendees a questionnaire to gauge on the record their attitudes towards IaaS, below are his thoughts.

Your name and job title? Morgan Spillane

Your organisation? AXA Insurance

Where is your organisation currently in terms of IaaS adoption? No adoption currently.

Do you see great benefits for your organisation in adopting IaaS? Yes

What concerns about Iaas do you have? Security, scalability, downwards not up.

For IaaS to work in your organisation what is the primary business issue you will need to address? A fixed cost base associated with current infrastructure .

Do you view IaaS as similar in CIO managerial requirements as outsourcing? No

Is a problem with IaaS that as a cloud service, there are too many names for cloud services? No

Is there too much hype around cloud and Iaas? Maybe

IaaS offers CIOs another choice for delivering certain services, is choice always positive? Yes

Response Summary

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