by Mark Chillingworth

From the Summit of CIO success

Sep 29, 2010

Yesterday’s CIO Summit was, I personally feel a success and from the feedback I have already received from the CIO community, many of you do to. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the CIOs that took the stage and presented and those of you in the audience that kept the debate flowing all day. If you didn’t make it to the event we have a series of content offerings available to share the material discussed with you. Key points made by CIOs were recorded on our Twitter page and we have a set of videos coming soon. Over the next few days I will be discussing with the CIOs that presented the possibility of sharing their presentations in our Slideshow channel. To learn more about the CIOs that who shared their experiences, you can read CIO UK profiles of the following presenters by following the links: Paul Coby, CIOat British Airways opened the Summit Duncan Scott, CIO of Control Risks discussed the Office of the CIO Clive Selley,BT CIO revealed the value of Research & Development, something our government should have listened to. Jeremy Vincent, CIO at manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover presented a real life example of using cloud computing in association with Google. David Jack, CIO at discussed “risk” in vendor management Stuart Birrell, CIO of Gatwick Airport explained how you split the technology away from a previous owner David Wilde, CIO of Westminister City Councilrevealed the pressures of being a public sector CIO Clifford Burroughs demonstrated his “simplicity” agenda at United Biscuits  Derek Gannon, COO of The Guardian talked about the move to COO from CIO and the future role of CIOs Jora Gill of Standard and Poor’s roused the audience with his ideas on CIO leadership All were excellent presentations and valuable to listen to. Many attendees took time to share their thoughts with me at the close of the event, and thank you for doing so, it will really help me and the team in the creation of next year’s event. We took a risk, having never created a Summit before by focussing on the CIO. CIOs presented to an audience solely of CIOs. There were no analyst presentations and we vetted attendees to keep the vendor community out so that CIOs could speak freely and genuinely learn from each other. I had CIOs from across the UK as well as India and Australia thank me and my team for doing this and now we know it works, we will stick to the format rigidly. Lastly I must thank the CIO UK team, the editorial, events, commercial, marketing and sister titles teams all provided a professionalism and support that was astounding, thank you.