by Richard Steel

Local implementation of the Employee Authentication Service

Aug 05, 20082 mins
IT Strategy

Rose Crozier and I met Adrian Hancock in a committee room at Camden Town Hall for his appraisal interview.

We agreed targets in five areas – finance, systems, business planning & performance, HR and documentation – that will be the basis of evaluation of the performance related element of his pay after the end of this year. (Socitm’s financial year is based on the calendar year.) The appraisal targets will be published in full in the members’ area of our website.

I came away with a number of actions of my own, particularly in the areas of regional and communications planning.

I went back to Newham ICT’s Direct House offices for the rest of the day, and got through a great deal of correspondence.

Mike Tolan also helped me to set-up the Catalist invitation to tender for the Newham Telecommunications Convergence Programme Management.

Geoff invited me to join him in a teleconference with colleagues at the DCSF, which was set up as a result of my recent meeting with Keith Holder. It was agreed that Newham would introduce the Employee Authentication Service (EAS) to its Social Care system (OLM CareFirst) working with the system provider as an extension to our existing relationship relating to early adoption of Contact Point.

The DCSF Team was keen to recruit authorities to act as pathfinders in local implementation of EAS. I had thought we could base the development around LACRM (Local Authority CRM, developed by Newham and marketed by Belfast), but the Social Care application will be ideal because of its use in multiple local organisations, and also because of the Contact Point link.

Geoff also stated that Newham is close to making a decision on two-factor authentication using smartcards, for ICT infrastructure log-on, but there’s time to influence the decision to enable adoption of common technology. All were keen to set-up a workshop as soon as possible to white-board all opportunities, and maximise the potential achievements, and it seems likely there will be a meeting within the next week.

…It’s taken me around ninety minutes to complete this short diary entry, as I’ve been distracted – watching our local electric storm. Beats the Telly any day!