by Mark Chillingworth

New look CIO magazine

Sep 25, 20112 mins
IT Leadership

CIOs are always keen to extoll the virtues of their teams in our interviews. As people that enjoy being part of a creative atmosphere and collaborating with talented teams that have the ideas, drive and passion to improve things, CIOs always seem to derive great pleasure from team efforts. As the new look CIO magazine arrives at doorsteps tomorrow I join your ranks briefly as the chief of a team that demonstrated amazing drive, talent and creativity to reshape this magazine.
Our previous design split business, technology and leadership into three distinct sections, yet every discussion I have with CIOs reveals that business is only successful when there is technology leadership, therefore the three pillars of this title are inseparable. Like the flying buttresses of a cathedral, if one of the three were to be taken down the entire structure would come caving in. So the new design aims to offer greater fluidity. Our excellent columnists are grouped together, again allowing them the freedom to roam across business, technology and leadership in their insights. 
If this were the CIO Summit (coming up on November 1st) I’d ask you now to put your hands together and give the CIO team a deserved round of applause. Particular thanks must go to Bob Cree and Rhys Lewis. Bob Cree joins the CIO editorial team as our new art editor. His fresh new look and simplified design will ensure you get more from the title. Rhys is the unsung hero of CIO, as managing editor he ensures deadlines are met, spelling is accurate and that the Editor in Chief’s grammar is double-checked. Rhys managed the redesign with his usual relaxed and professional manner. Thanks must also go to Johann Chan, previous Art Editor of CIO. Johann remains with IDG and will now concentrate on Digital Arts, his efforts are greatly appreciated. 
One other thank you must also go out to you the reader. The continued support and input of the CIO community is never under-appreciated. Your thoughts on the new look magazine are more than welcome. We hope to have a new website out for you soon, a new CIO 100 is being developed and I look forward to seeing you all at the CIO Summit.