by Mark Chillingworth

Carillion builds transformation plans with Wipro

Mar 04, 20142 mins
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Carillion, the UK-based international construction and building services organisation, has done a major 10-year deal with Wipro. Under the terms of the deal, which will be fully implemented by September 2014, Wipro will the global partner to Carillion and sole provider of its IT and business process operations, including HR and finance.

Reports from India, home to Wipro, claim the deal is worth in excess of $100m. CIO of CarillionRichard Gifford told CIO UK the deal was financially “significant”. Wipro took responsibility for the Carillion IT operations on March 1, 2014 and will manage 80 per cent of the IT staff within Carillion.

Wipro will replace Accenture as the primary technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) supplier to Carillion. Gifford said Wipro will supply 100 per cent of the IT in use at Carillion.

“What we are keeping within Carillion is the roles that are engaged with the business and strategic delivery.”

Unlike previous contracts, the deal between Carillion and Wipro is based on outcomes rather than full time employees.

“We have contracted for innovation and there is a real opportunity for transformation in the business,” he said, adding that Carillion expects major advances in the use of analytics and mobility from the deal.

“We are going to transform the IT so that IT is the go to place within Carillion for business transformation,“ he said.

Looking ahead, both Carillion and Wipro expect the deal to enable both parties to be in a position to offer Carillion clients increased services, for example adding analytics to a deal to manage a portfolio of properties.