by Julian Goldsmith

Turkish Airlines to save £10m with Juniper Networks

Aug 13, 20121 min
Networking DevicesTransportation and Logistics Industry

Turkish Airlines has signed a global networking deal with Juniper Networks that is expected to save it more than £10.2m in networking costs over the next five years.

The airline has points of presence in over 200 locations across the world and the deal is expected to make cost savings of £6m in employee costs, £3.8m in telecoms overhead and £1.9m in support services.

It will migrate from legacy fixed line services to Junipers network infrastructure to support voice and data applications, including reservations and ticket sales.

Under the deal, Juniper will consolidate its server estate into a single data centre in its Istanbul HQ

In a statement, Adnan Metin, head of IT at Turkish Airlines said: “Standardising on an integrated Juniper-based network infrastructure has enabled us to simplify our operations radically and reduce costs while improving security, performance and scalability. We expect to save over [£10m] over the next five years as a result of lower telecom, maintenance and support costs.”