by Richard Steel

Driving links with NHS IT

Feb 05, 20081 min
IT Strategy

I attended a meeting with OLM (suppliers of software for children and adult services) to discuss the PDS (Personal Demographics Service) project development under the Connecting for Health programme, and negotiation of the contract.

OLM have already been contracted to produce the PID (project initiation document), which should be ready next week, and the detailed design.

The application is due to go live at the beginning of next year. Newham is developing a standard contract framework for work in this programme. It, and the design, will be ready by the end of March enabling contracting for the development to proceed without delay.

In the evening I attended a CIO Roundtable, run by IDG, on “IT and the Business – Sharing a Common Language”, which was held at Claridges, where the lifts have seats!

I got home late, after a very enjoyable discussion over dinner, but didn’t feel that I had gained any new insights into the issue at hand. I did, however, learn that Heathrow’s Terminal 5, which opens next month, when fully operational will, on its own, be equivalent to the World’s fourth largest airport.