by Richard Steel

Showing off Newham Dockside

May 11, 20091 min
IT Leadership

On Monday I attended an Equality Impact Assessment Training course, in the City, with other colleagues from across Newham and Waltham Forest Councils.

The main case study was on the EQIA conducted for Newham’s proposed Queens Market redevelopment.

This morning I hosted a party of visitors from Brent Council, which is planning its own development of new corporate accommodation, to Newham Dockside.

It’s nice to be able to show-off such a nice working environment, and I felt rather proud of the ICT infrastructure, which was favourably commented upon by everyone we met on our tour. I’m learning a lot myself, too; especially from the questions I couldn’t answer, but concerning which promised to check upon and to respond by e-mail with the requested information!

Recession brings-out innovative CIOs, analysts claim. I certainly hope so, as I’m working on our updated strategy!

In a similar vein, I was also interested in this report of a report from Intellect, which I think is a positive move and certainly reflects some of the thinking I’ve heard from suppliers when I’ve been at Intellect for meetings.