by Hamish Barwick

How Amaysim used analytics to engage management

Mar 03, 20152 mins
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Mobile provider Amaysim needed to develop a business intelligence (BI) strategy but didn’t want to subject its management team to static PowerPoint presentations about BI.

The company decided to try Tableau data analytics software in order to get insights about customer numbers and how many SIM cards were being sold. It currently has more than 600,000 customers.

Speaking at the Tableau Conference on Tour event in Melbourne, Amaysim BI manager Adrian Loong told delegates that it wanted to engage senior executives who don’t have much time and are juggling numerous priorities.

“Senior executives often have a sense of what is happening in their business but they don’t have all the data at their fingertips.”

Using dashboards allows the executives to see how many SIM card sales have been made at retail stores or online and the activation rate of those SIM cards.

“Once a dashboard has been built, we don’t just sit there and wait. We call a meeting with some of the senior executives and spend about 15 minutes clicking through the dashboard to look for insights,” Loong said.

Executives are encouraged to have a go with the dashboards, rather than just sitting through a presentation.

“It’s only when they start interacting with the dashboard that they start to ask questions,” he said.

Loong said the executives are most interested in seeing data that shows how Amaysim is performing financially compared to the previous year.

“It’s really critical to link the relevance of the dashboard back to the financial performance of the firm.”

Amaysim is using Tableau to look at revenue assurance, SIM sales, customer disconnections and HR analytics.

“Each time a new dashboard gets built, we don’t just send them [executives] a link and say `good luck.’ We spend time with senior leaders to see if there are trends appearing and if we can improve their business performance.”

According to Loong, the dashboards can be understood by everyone. “Analytics is for everyone, not just the IT guy,” he said.

Hamish Barwick travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Tableau.

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