by Renai LeMay

Ray White IT manager in Ingenero shift

Aug 20, 2010
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Real estate giant Ray White has lost its IT manager Steve Berg to growing solar power company, Ingenero.

Berg, a long-time senior IT executive, said Ingenero was an “exciting, rapidly-growing company” in an industry that he was passionate about.

“They are in the process of implementing both a new ERP and CRM system to accommodate the anticipated growth, and I am excited about leveraging my experience at previous manufacturing companies to spearhead these implementations,” he said.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Berg’s has experience at several firms. “My five-year goal is to be a chief information officer in a mid-market enterprise where I can continue to leverage new technologies to drive the business forward,” he said.

The executive said he really enjoyed projects like ERP and CRM implementations where there was a “massive” business benefit.

“Once these systems are in place and operating effective, Business Intelligence and Reporting definitely follow to allow the business to make intelligent and informed decisions based on prior and future data,” he said. “I believe Cloud Computing is going to have a huge impact in the future and am closely following that to see when the right time is to jump into the cloud!”

As part of a growing trend in Australia that also includes Macquarie University CIO Marc Bailey and Leighton Holdings general manager of strategic IT, Sean Kaye, Berg also runs his own blog.

“I love blogging, just never have enough time to sit down and get my thoughts together,” he said. “I have a number of ideas sitting in the wings ready to go (most of them inspired during a long run), but in order to put out an intelligent readable blog it takes time.”

“I started it mainly as an internal mechanism to put my thoughts to paper, so it’s there primarily for my benefit but I’m hoping my readers take away some nuggets of wisdom too from time to time!” Berg also has a Twitter account — which he finds is “the most effective mechanism” to keep up with current affairs.