German Innovation: Helping Businesses Benefit from Cloud

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Dec 16, 2019
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

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Credit: NicoElNino/istock

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in global economic health by fostering local innovation and business across numerous industries.

Yet, they typically lack the resources of larger organizations, especially when it comes to IT. That’s where QSC AG, a Cologne, Germany-based technology and IT services provider, offers expertise. It operates data centers in Hamburg, Munich, and Nuremburg — all of which are TUV and ISO certified for maximum security and quality.

“We’re absolutely focused on the needs of small and medium enterprises,” says Thies Rixen, a member of QSC’s management, “including those at the upper end of the category where IT plays a very strategic role, but typically doesn’t have the resources required to deploy planned innovations on their own at the pace they require. Our customers turn to us because they know we will enhance their businesses and act with the utmost flexibility and efficiency.”

That includes helping them adopt cloud and forward-looking technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) and automation.

“One of the primary strengths is our experience integrating technologies, especially those for the cloud, SAP, and IoT, and our ability as an SME in our own right to do so with great agility,” Rixen says.

Among QSC’s offerings is a new portfolio of highly-automated solutions that enable customers to quickly migrate their on-premises IT infrastructure to a private cloud. The migration, as well as the subsequent management and operation of the resulting infrastructure, is based on VMware technologies, including VMware NSX, vSAN, and vSphere.

“And because this service is VMware Cloud Verified, our customers know that the resulting solution meets the absolute highest quality standards,” Rixen adds.

QSC is also able to address customers’ complex cloud scenarios, including hybrid or multi-cloud projects that combine private and public clouds, all while enabling them to use familiar and trusted VMware tools.

Notably, QSC has a demonstrated track record that exceeds the stability and security requirements that few enterprises can achieve on their own. Its teams are also closely involved in infrastructure innovation, including industry-changing IoT use cases in energy, retail, and manufacturing.

“We are delivering the proven benefits of IoT, where smart combinations of sensors, edge devices, transmission technologies, and cloud platforms are giving rise to new business models and services,” says Rixen.

“Our customers are leaders in IoT,” he adds. “For example, retailers gaining and using a 360-degree view of the customer and the permanent availability of customer data; manufacturers increasing the availability and productivity of their equipment and production and maintenance processes; and energy companies accessing and managing power from increasingly numerous sources. The cloud makes all of this possible.”

Learn more about QSC AG and its partnership with VMware here.