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TUANZ launches NextGen Leadership Programme

Sep 14, 2015
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TUANZ CEO Craig Young says the organisation is launching the NextGen leadership programme to ensure a pipeline of next generation of leaders across its member organisations.

“New Zealand has a great opportunity to develop into an economy driven by digitally enabled businesses, and TUANZ can play an important role in bringing businesses, Government and communities together to the long term benefit of New Zealand,” says Young, in a statement.

“At the heart of that is building collaboration and involvement of the next generation of leaders and decision-makers within the TUANZ membership. This programme will include a broad range of individuals who fill roles across a wide range of organisations. Examples might include future leaders within the ICT functions of corporates, within regulatory and support teams in telco’s, customer service roles, through to sales and marketing.”

Craig Young, TUANZ CEO

TUANZ can play an important role in bringing businesses, Government and communities together to the long term benefit of New Zealand,Craig Young, TUANZ

Chorus has agreed to take up the founding sponsor position.

Ian Bonnar, Chorus GM Corporate Relations, says, “The disruption caused by New Zealand’s evolution into a fully digital economy gives our country a massive opportunity to re-shape its place in the world, and fundamentally change the lives we lead. But for New Zealand to thrive it is going to require the next generation of leaders to challenge the way we do business, collaborate and innovate.

“It is also essential for New Zealand to remain competitive that we make the most of the talented people available to us, no matter what their background or status,” says Bonnar.

“It is my hope that this programme will bring together a diverse group, who will challenge current thinking, drive real changes, and ensure greater equality of opportunity for talented Kiwis over the coming years as they move into leadership positions.”

TUANZ will also receive support from The Skills Organisation as the programme is developed.

Membership of TUANZ will be a prerequisite and a volunteer leadership group which will oversee the programme will be set up. This group will be supported and administered by TUANZ but is to be made up of individuals from the target group.

Initial elements of the programme will include hosting specific events for the participants in the programme, encouragement to attend TUANZ events to encourage networking, and the development of relevant mentor programme with TUANZ providing resources and feedback processes to monitor the effectiveness of the programme.

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