by Divina Paredes

Parliament TV goes digital

May 11, 20152 mins
Technology Industry

Parliament TV has signed up as the first customer for Kordia’s video web streaming platform.

“Parliament TV previously had only two low resolution video stream options for viewers, played out through a combination of in-house legacy encoders and third party content distribution,” says Aaron Olphert, chief technology officer at Kordia,

“But with this new service we are able to transform the user experience. We can stream Parliament TV to end users and automatically adapt the format to suit different devices – including support for Parliament’s new mobile device app.”

Olphert says the new streaming platform removes all the complexity of delivering video feeds to the internet.

“The process from a customer perspective is quite simple,” says Olphert. “They provide us a video input and from there we do all the specialised processing to deliver the video stream to the Internet, and on to the viewers.

“The simplicity and quality of the service is evident in the success already enjoyed by our launch customer, Parliament.”

In a statement, Kordia says the platform uses the latest in multi-device video transcoding technology. The technology ensures the correct streaming profile is automatically applied to each end user based on screen size and connection speed, and access method.

Kordia says the video web streaming platform has been architected to be multi-tenantable so that it can accommodate multiple customers.

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