by Divina Paredes

How GPs use visual analytics to uncover gaps in patient care

Apr 09, 20153 mins
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CBG Research, which produces the HealthStat database, is using visual analytics to help make it easier for primary health organisations (PHOs) uncover gaps in patient care.

PHOs that subscribe to HealthStat are able see their practice profile at a glance, and access clinical and business information.

Dr Barry Gribben, CBG medical director and founder, says previously health workers could only view this data in a static, read-only form but the research group’s deployment of SAS Visual Analytics software changed this.

Users can now interact with information and explore data in near real-time, says Gribben. “You can think far more evidence-based about the best way to solve these problems.”

He says gaps in healthcare can also be identified and dealt with swiftly.

You can do so much with the data, put all this into a plan and provide people the tools to support their work.Dr Barry Gribben, CBG

If a GP practice logs on to HealthStat, they will know how many people have tests or treatments up to date. They do not have to go through pages of reports as they can see at a glance which patients need a follow up. The GP practice or the PHO can decide who the people they should be targeting. These patients can be contacted through text messages, for instance, to remind them they are due for a treatment or a check-up.

During an outbreak of a disease, the PHOs can monitor how many patients are being treated by particular hospitals and the treatments that are being offered.

The PHOs can also incorporate their data into the HealthStat database and compare with other practices on treatment effectiveness.

“You think about data in a whole new way,” says Gribben.

Increasingly, practices are asking for more ad hoc queries as they become more data literate and know what is possible, he adds. “They get into a creative exploration mode.”

“You can do so much with the data, put all this into a plan and provide people the tools to support their work.”

“You can change the way you run your practice, and also improve clinical care,” he states.

“It is a game changer.”

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